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Wholesale Supplier Links

e-tek Solutions have joined forces with known suppliers to link their ordering systems with e-tek software. We are always working hard to develop more link with more and more suppliers. If there is any supplier for whom we do not have ordering link then do let us know. Our in-house software development team will be able to develop that link provided the required supplier allows us to do that.

At present we have ordering links with the following wholesale suppliers:

e-tek is a member of Nisa whole sale group and our customer have benefit of sending their orders through our software. These customer can download latest changes, special offers, invoices, delivery notes and send sales data to Nisa for rebates and commission.

Launched in 1986 by Colin Graves, The Costcutter Supermarkets Group now has over 1500 stores throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. Costcutter has recently been listed in The Times newspaper as one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the UK.

E-Tek has enjoyed great working relations with Costcutter, having been the bespoke EPoS solution provider behind many Costcutters nationwide since 2000, these Costcutters enjoy the latest touchscreen systems with web based ordering system directly linked to Costcutter head office.

Spar is the world's largest international food retail chain with nearly 16,000 stores in 34 countries. With 2,600 stores SPAR is also the UK's leading convenience store group. SPAR is now the world's largest retail chain with 17,500 stores in 32 countries on 5 continents, employing over 180,000 people and with over £30bn in retail sales in 2000. It continues to develop its winning concept in new global markets.

e-tek Solutions has enjoyed great working relations with Spar, having been the bespoke EPoS solution provider behind many Spar nationwide since 2007, these Spar's enjoy the latest touchscreen systems with web based ordering system directly linked to Spar head office.

In order to stay ahead in the fast paced world of quick service, you need a solution that's advanced, efficient, and easy-to-use. EPoS, Electronic Point of Sale, is an ultimate solution which is versatile for all forms of retail and can provide further dynamics of business management, organisation and efficiency.

EPoS can be implemented in a business as a stand-alone or as a networked system. It is a powerful and effective means which can be applied to different scales of business ranging from single retail outlets through to head-office based organisations. We offer complete EPoS solutions to suit your requirements on a custom level.

We provide state-of-the-art hardware products together with developed in-house software tailor-made to accommodate your specific business needs.



EPOS Benefits

Better stock control, staff performance monitoring,more savings and less shrinkage etc....


e-tek is prepared for the up-coming high demand pressure and assures quality service at each and every stage in this new year - BODs 28 Dec. 2009

EPOS - Buyers Guide

A basic electronic cash register will meet the needs of many small startup businesses with small product lines and low turnover.However, few purchases can have as dramatic an effect on your retail or hospitality business as a carefully selected EPOS System (Electronic Point Of Sale)

Leasing Benefits

100% tax deduction, better use of valuable cash. Low initial deposit

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